Saga Doodles is an Australian Labradoodle breeder. We are located in a rural setting with 20 acres of playground on a farm between Sandefjord and Larvik. The farm is surrounded by hills, forests and fields. On the pasture below the house, the horses of the neighboring farm graze - we have the hens Gunn, Gunda and the rooster Kåre as well as a small herd of farm cats. We get frequent visits from deer, foxes, owls, ravens and hawks. This is a good place to live, for humans and dogs.


Saga Doodles is an experienced Australian Labradoodle breeder. We are based in idyllic surroundings on Fjære, midway between Sandefjord and Larvik.


I, Iris Belinda Johansen, was born in 1978 and bought the farm on Fjære in 2020. I am a Market Analyst by education and experience, but decided to quit my job and give up my apartment in Oslo to chase the big dream; to work with dogs.  I have been breeding dogs since 2012. To my CV, I can also add: dog trainer (clicker), behaviour consultant, dog groomer and Dog hotel manager 

In addition to our breeding program, we have a small dog hotel, We also hold puppy classes, puppy socializing days, dog grooming classes and can offer qualified help and behavioral advice if needed. 

At the moment Saga Doodles Staff consists of 5 employees.

We have also recently been approved by the county council  (as the first dog breeder in Norway) as an apprenticeship company in the field of dogs and our first dog -trainee has just started!

Puppy training classes and socialisation days

We hold 4 puppy training classes during the year. The classes are held in weekends, Sat and Sun. Let us know if you want to attend!!

We are also going to start up again with our successfull puppy socialisation days -these are free of charge - just bring your puppy and come play with us - dates are coming up...