Saga Doodles is soon to be a member of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) and all our dogs will be registered here.

Our breeding dogs live in carefully selected host families. The females in our breeding get a maximum of 2 litters and must be 2 years old before the first litter. We never mate in two consecutive heats.

All breeding dogs are health tested. HD and AD X-rays, patella check and annual eye examination are mandatory. In addition, they are either genetically tested for PRA, EIC, DM and Von Willbrand or the parents are genetically tested. (If the parents are genetically tested free from this gene, the offspring will be free. It then says "Clear by parentage" in the overview where the breeding dogs are presented.)

The dogs are also tested for the "shedding gene" called Improper Coat (IC). A carrier of the gene will only mate with one that is free to ensure that the offspring get the correct coat.

As puppy socialisation and environmental training is crucial, we are following a program that includes touching, handling, light grooming, introduction to new things, animals and people. The puppies are also brought to new places and are outdoors dayly (from 4 weeks of age).

Our main goal is to breed happy, outgoing, curious and healthy Australian Labradoodles.

In addition to careful follow-up of each individual puppy until delivery, the puppies are temper tested at 7 weeks of age.

The puppies are vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and health checked before departure.

Puppies on the farm

The puppies are outdoor on the farm on a daily basis - they have a lot to explore.

We take them on trolley ride, to meet the horses on the neighboring farm. 

On the farm we also have cats and heens and a rooster named Kåre. The puppies get to know them well..

Farm life offers a lot of excitement, which we think the puppies like and enjoy very much.