In 1970the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia introduced a mix of poodle and labrador into its breeding program of guide dogs. The mixture should be an allergy-friendly alternative to the poodle.

The Labradoodle gradually became so popular that breeders across Australia began work on fine-tuning the mix with the aim of developing a friendly, "happy go lucky", easily trained, healthy and low-shedding dog type.

Several dog breeds were used in this work, but as of today, poodles, labradors and cocker spaniels (English and American) are allowed when new lines are introduced. This is according to WALA.

"Social", "smart" and "affectionate" are words that characterize the Australian labradoodle. They are known for being easy to train, sociable with both people and other dogs and they thrive well on long walks in the woods and fields. In addition to being the center of the family, this type of dog is also used in work as a service or therapy dog. For those who find dog sports fun, obedience, agility and nose work are activities the Australian labradoodle will enjoy.

The Australian Labradoodle comes in three sizes: mini, medium and standard. The coat is low-shedding and will require grooming and regular care.